Phoebe Coleman Jewellery is made from either solid sterling silver or 18ct gold/rose gold plated sterling silver. It is important to note that sterling silver naturally tarnishes with exposure to air and is also succeptible to tarnish when in constant contact with perfumed products, body lotions, perspiration  and chemicals such as chlorine.  Using a silver cleaning cloth or silver dip solution will clean your jewellery however please make sure that you strictly follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Gold plated jewellery does not tarnish. With wear over time it may appear a little dirty or the gold plate may fade slightly. To keep your gold gleaming we do advise removing jewellery before showering, swimming, excercising or sleeping! We also recommend waiting until your body lotions and perfumes have settled before putting it on again.  

Phoebe Coleman also makes 18ct and 9ct jewellery. To clean this, it is best to use a very soft toothbrush with some diluted fairy liquid to carefully remove the dirt. You can also use a polishing cloth. We recommend the Town Talk brand for this purpose.

Phoebe Coleman offers a repair and re-conditioning service to keep your jewellery looking tip-top. We can repair your items at a charge, which will be determined by Phoebe Coleman when the jewellery has been inspected. Please enquire at if this is something you require.